Tarakki Champions 2017 – Catalyst Financial Planning

Catalyst Financial Planning won an award at the Annual Wealthforum Conference – Tarakki Champions 2017. 

Tarakki – which means progress – is an outcome. Tarakki is never a flash in the pan – genuine tarakki comes when you create an environment where all aspects of your business are firing away together, thus enabling you to build a sustainable and scalable business model. 

The second edition of the Tarakki Awards were presented in the awards nite at the 8th annual Wealth Forum Platinum Circle Advisors Conference 2017, on 7th July 2017 at Mumbai.

Parameters for these awards are: weighted average score of business growth at an industry level over a 3 year period across all key business metrics that go into building a sustainable model:

  1. – AuM growth (all categories ex liquid) over 3 years (Apr 14 – Mar 17)

  2. – Customer growth (increase in live folios over these 3 years)

  3. – SIP count growth (increase in live SIPs over these 3 years)

  4. – SIP value growth (increase in SIP book over these 3 years)

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