Catalyst Financial Planning (CFP) is one among the 9 full time independent CFP Practitioners in India and has built reputation on three core strengths: trust, quality and ease (in terms of customer experience). As we live by each of these principles day after day, eight out of ten people to whom we have given financial advice say that they would recommend us as a financial planning company. The proprietary CFP process empowers its clients to take control and keep control of their financial future. Our clients are informed and confident because they are made aware of all the resources available to them to make the right financial decisions.

Most financial planners, executive coaches, bankers, attorneys and accountants think there is only one financial approach to financial planning and that is their own. A one size fits all approach is what they are most comfortable offering because it benefits their business first. This is not the way most clients want to work with financial advisors and it is the reason Catalyst Financial Planning Service continues to have client satisfaction referrals that are the envy of the industry.

Our approach is simple and works with a limited number of clients. We listen to each client individually and customize the plan in such a way that benefits the client first. In short no one can begin to compare the unique approaches of Catalyst Financial Planning because we empower our clients with financial knowledge and resources.

Benefits to clients are many and varied but all are implemented to ensure that clients can gain control and peace of mind over their financial future. We can help clients focus on eliminating dangers and capturing opportunities.

We are always happy to share the customer’s risk with a performance related remuneration structure.

The next step in simplifying your increasing complex life

Financial Planning is about more than money. It helps you fulfill your ambitions – whatever they may be.

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