“Less is More” approach has made him Mr. Dependable – Atul Surana

In an era where acquiring more and more clients is what most advisors aspire for, Atul Surana stands out starkly different – he has opted to continually narrow his focus on the number of families he serves. When he started out 10 years ago, he set himself a goal to serve 100 families. A few years into the profession, he realised he can’t do justice to 100 families, in the manner he has chosen to offer his financial planning services, and therefore progressively narrowed focus to 75 and then 50 families. Today, 10 years into this profession, he serves 36 families. Does that make his practice tiny? With a SIP book well in excess of Rs.1 crore, making his SIP book among the largest in South India (among IFAs) and an AuM of over Rs.60 crores, he has clearly proven the axiom “Less is more”.

Atul attributes his success to clarity : clarity on what he did not want to do, as well as clarity on what he wanted to do. Stock broking, PMS, retail distribution business – all of these were clear nos, life planning was a clear yes. Financial planning for him means being personally involved with his client families in their financial journeys. It means giving each client your best, giving them quality time, never cutting corners. Little wonder that the 36 families that Atul serves, regard him as “Mr.Dependable”. Read on as Atul narrates to us how the 4 pillars of dependability that the Mr.Dependable column articulates – consistency, integrity, responsiveness and diligence – have helped him build a successful, high quality practice.

Mr. Dependable, a joint initiative between Religare Invesco MF and Wealth Forum, endeavours to showcase exactly what it takes for financial advisors to be seen by their clients as “Mr.Dependable” – which we firmly believe is vital for any advisor to build a sustainable practice. After all, dependability is what money management is finally all about.

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