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  • What is covered in the financial review?

    The financial review provides an overview of your current financial status and outlines strategies tailored to your goals and needs. The process includes two meetings to explore your goals and priorities and present you with our analysis and recommendations. Your financial review will include a report that contains a summary of your goals, an analysis of your current and future financial situation, and a list of detailed action steps.

  • What are the benefits of wealth management?

    Wealth management is a comprehensive, ongoing service that provides clients with the best chance of achieving their goals. Some of the benefits our clients have described are a greater sense of control over their finances, avoidance of financial mistakes, increased confidence that they will reach their goals, peace of mind and more time to do what is important to them. By delegating financial details to a financial planner, clients have more time for doing those things that only they can do – pursuing hobbies, spending time with their children, developing a career, volunteering, playing sports, and many other activities.

  • Why financial planning?

    Financial planning helps you fulfill your ambitions – whatever they may be. Whilst you may trust friends and family on many of life’s key decisions – a professional financial adviser can help you make informed decisions about your financial future. With financial planning in place you’ll be better placed to manage the unforeseen and the unwelcome and you and your family can be free to relax and enjoy life. The sooner you start financial planning, the better chance you have of realizing your goals.

  • What is the client’s role?

    Effective financial planning requires a commitment from planner and client. As a client, you will provide us with information about your finances such as current account balances and tax returns. More important, we ask you to be open in discussing your goals and values as well as any transitions you may be facing. The more we know about your current circumstances and your plans for the future, the better we are able to advise you. We also expect that you will work with us to develop and understand your plan. Finally, we hope that you will have fun with the planning process and consider it a way to explore new possibilities for your future.

  • Who are your clients?

    Our clients are business owners, professionals, executives and retirees ranging in age from mid-20s to 60+. They are seeking a long-term relationship with a financial advisor who will act in their best interest. What all clients in common is a desire to make the best financial choices to reach their goals. They realize the value of working with a professional financial advocate on a long-term basis.

  • Why should I choose Catalyst Financial Planning?

    There’s no one planner who’s right for every person or every situation. We feel that we are a good choice for clients who see the value in a long-term relationship with an experienced financial advisor.

    We’ve built our reputation on three core strengths: trust, quality and ease (in terms of customer experience). And because we live by each of these principles day after day, eight out of ten people we’ve given financial advice to say they would recommend us* – as a financial planning company.

    Catalyst, by design, serves a limited number of clients and we take pride in our ability to work closely with clients and to provide personalized and responsive service. We are committed to helping you reach your goals and realize your dreams. Catalyst also happens to be the first & only Certified Financial Planner (CFP) authorized by FPSB in Mangalore. Apart from this, Catalyst is one of those 9 CFP’s across India working independently to advice in the best interest of the clients.

  • Do I need a minimum net worth to work with you?

    We have no net worth requirements for our services. If we feel that we can provide the help you need, we will discuss with you the best way for us to work together.

  • What is Investment Management?

    Investment management is the supervision of your investment portfolio in order to implement your plan. It is guided by an investment policy statement developed jointly by planner and client. You always maintain control of your assets. We coordinate your managed accounts with your other investment accounts.

  • Will you work with my other advisors?

    Yes. If you have a relationship with an accountant, an attorney or other advisors, we will work with them to be sure that all aspects of your plan are coordinated and working for you. Effective communication and exchange of data and ideas between all related advisors is essential to creating an exceptional plan.

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